I was born a broken person into a broken family. I guess to some degree we all are. My early years were filled with pain and neglect which led me to find ways to survive on my own. The habits that began as my survival techniques quickly morphed into self-destructive addictions that would follow me through every stage of life. Somehow though, God was watching over me and rescuing me from myself all along the way. I believed in God from an early age, but I didn't trust him to save me from my pain. One day I woke up and realized that I was vocational Pastor who preached weekly, prayed for others, shared the gospel, and was addicted to sex. My sin was found out in 2009 and I began the difficult work of recovery. 5 years later I am still imperfect, I still struggle, and I am still broken, but I have learned something that I feel compelled to share with others who may still be secretly bound by some secret means of coping with the life they have been handed. Having been restored fully to ministry, licensed, and ordained, I now have the priviledge of working at HopeQuest Minstry Group in their 90 day residential recovery program. I have the opportunity to share my story on a daily basis with men who are bound by addiction in my role as a life coach and mentor.  I have always hoped that God would use the story of my pain to heal people, and I get to see that happen all the time through my work. I pray that this is the next chapter of fulfilling that dream and that you might find the courage to bring your brokenness into the light, because broken things can't be fixed in the dark.


Scot Luman