We Need To Learn What Love Is

So I downloaded this app called Periscope which twitter owns that I may be addicted to. Essentially it allows me to broadcast myself live at any moment and interact via video to viewers (a.k.a. “scopers”) who can text me questions and comments as I do whatever. People have found some pretty creative ways to keep scopers on their channel. For example, I checked in on a guy last night in Augusta who was taking song requests and singing them, needless to say he got lots of hearts (think “likes” on Facebook) from the ladies. Then there was the guys in Athens doing their infamous “bros doing dishes” in which the unloaded the dishwasher and ate random things based on the number of scopers they had. “If we get to 15 scopers I’ll put this Lysol wipe in my mouth!” John shouted into the camera with a trembling courage. They were a lot of fun.

But as I scoped and looked in on other scopers a very real truth came to the surface almost immediately. For all the silliness happening on all the channels all of the world there was a very obvious commonality among those partaking in this new phenomena, namely that people want to be connected. For the last three nights I have jumped on at about 11:00 pm under the heading, “Going to bed soon but thought I’d jump on to talk about life.” Inevitably after people ask me about my haircut and favorite movies the conversation will take a turn towards deeper topics and every night so far I have gotten the same question from different people, “What do you do with heartbreak?”

People up late and alone want to talk about love. More than that, they want to be loved. I spoke with Caroline last night that said that she didn’t believe in love, or at least not romantic love, because it never lasts. At 21 years old she has essentially given up on love. It’s tragic. The question I had for her is one that I believe we all must answer which is, what is love? After all, if we can’t define love than we can’t be sure we’ve experienced it and if we haven’t experienced it yet than we can’t give up on it.

For those of you who have been reading my story from the beginning you know that I had a pretty terrible definition of love. If you’d asked me what I loved about any girlfriend I had I would have likely listed off features or abilities or things she did for me. But loving someone isn’t about what they give us is it? It’s about finding out what we’d be willing to give for them. Also tragic.

As we continue on the journey of Scot (really should have used that as the blog title, oh well, hindsight is 20/20) we will walk through the concept of love. What does it mean to love? What does it mean to be loved? Why does love matter? As the 4th “pillar” of the story I’m sharing I hope I can express genuinely the journey I have been on as I have discovered real love and I hope I can make the Caroline’s out there believe in it again!

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