Follow Jesus....?


Not a white man for sure…
Jewish in his race, Israeli in his Ethnicity, Definitely not “just like me”
Worked with his hands, sweat on his brow, creator, innovator, I wonder if he knew about the rocking chair back then but couldn’t make it for fear of exposing his omniscience?

He was just a man, except that he was so much more
Born from a human womb, conceived by supernatural God sperm
Perfect even though he clearly disobey’s his parents, at least by omission, and didn’t follow the “law” yet somehow fulfilled it.
He’s a complex dude.

Jesus seemed to supersede race, class, ethnicity, political affiliation, and religion. 
He was just entirely “other”
So, yeah, not a white man for sure.
Jesus seems to belong to every race, every ethnicity, every class. 

He could talk theology with the Pharisees and eat lunch with the tax collectors and sinners.
He had a special affinity for fishermen it seemed, maybe cause they get up early and Jesus was a morning person?

He died only a year or so older than I am right now.
3 years was all it took to turn the world upside down. 
He never wrote a blog, went viral, got likes or shares.
He just started walking one day and he took some people with him. 
He had some conversations along the way and taught the guys that hung with him what he was talking about when it was hard to understand. 

He prayed. 
He helped people. 
Oh, and he could heal people at will
of literally anything
and he never did it the same way twice
so I guess that helped him be pretty popular. 

He seemed to speak in riddles and stories, 
He’s like that friend that won’t just give you a straight answer
yet you still leave feeling profoundly enlightened.

He seemed to really love people, like REALLY LOVE THEM. 
Like Judas you know? 
Jesus knew that mother fucker was going to get him killed
and he washed his feet anyway!? 
For real Jesus!? What were you doing!?
He either loved that guy more than he loved himself or he is extremely codependent. 
I don’t think there is anyone on the planet I could love like that. 
Maybe Brennan but that’s only because He doesn’t know better.
Or maybe that was how he saw Judas…
“Father, forgive them for they know not what they do…”

Jesus took love really seriously
I think sometimes I love people
 but it’s often that I am just mimicing giving back the love i receive so as to not offend them.

So, Jesus, he liked pushing people’s buttons and didn’t really follow the rules.
As far as I can tell, being like Jesus is about loving the people who are most often rejected and confronting the people and the systems that keep them down.

You know what doesn’t look like Jesus?
A lot of the shit we’ve been doing for years in church.
Don’t make me list them….
Seriously….It’s gonna make you embarrassed and me mad….
You know, stuff like
Telling kids to stop running, behave, take their hats off, not to say shut up, or be loud because this is “God’s House”
Only hanging out with people that look like us, think like us, talk like us, eat like us, dress like us, etc. 
Pretend we are spiritual
Pretend we don’t have sin
Pretend we aren’t hurting
Pretend we have it together
Pretend we care about each other
Basically all forms of pretending
Tell people they don’t belong
Tell people God hates them
Tell people to follow the rules, act right, give more, not push up against the rules and the traditions, to just be quiet, to submit, to vote for so in so
Hiding in the walls of a building where we are comfortable with each other and listen to a guy “preach” so we don’t have to follow the Holy Spirit
Be boring
Be judgmental
Be crotchety
Have an assigned seats and parking places
Program out the spontaneity of the spirit under the guise of “order”
Sing only 3 songs
Special Music
build towers of babble, I mean, mega churches, 
tricking ourselves and others into thinking we’re building a kingdom that isn’t our own
placing our trust in political leaders
worshipping a flag, a country, a nation, a document, or an agency
demanding people stand for the national anthem
using the bible to justify you being an ass hole
there’s more but I’m tired now so I’m going to stop, but before you get defensive let me first confess…

Like Paul said, “Jesus came to save sinners, of which I am chief.” It’s just that the scales are starting to be peeled back,

So, how does one really follow Jesus?