The Story of Me


This is a story of a man
A man who was born into a situation
A situation that appeared hopeless
A hopelessness that was meant to injure and destroy
A destruction that was left incomplete
An incompleteness that gave him a chance
A chance to be revived, be redeemed, be restored
A restoration that would make him more than he dreamed
Dreams that were buried in his heart and dead
A death that was caused by others criticism
Criticism that entangled the man in its grip
A grip that wouldn’t let the man believe in himself or his God
A God who was said to be all powerful but appeared aloof
An aloofness that made the man wonder of his worth
A worth that was in conflict
A conflict that said he was fearfully and wonderfully made but outside of Gods view
A view that was supposedly complete
A completeness that didn’t leave room for people to be hidden in shadows
Shadows that they sought and shadows that sought to envelope the man
A man who hates the shadows but knew no way out
A way to find hope again in a hopeless situation
A situation that God allowed to reshape things in the man’s heart
A heart that God would rip open and pour onto other people
People that, like the man, were hurting and hidden in the shadows
Shadows that couldn’t be shaken or escaped
An escape that could be grasped was momentary and only increased despair
A despair that tethered them to their coping strategy
A strategy that only leads to pain, death, disappointment, addiction, and emptiness
An emptiness that requires refilling if life stood any chance
A chance to be more, find more, become more, and find a purpose
A purpose whereby they would pour their broken hearts into the lives of others
Others who would be if it from the pouring out of this man
A man who was born into a difficult situation
A situation that God saw, knew, was burdened by, was present for, and never lost sight of
A sight that truly is all encompassing, intentional, and intimate
An intimacy that has a restorative power
A power that would change this man in spite of this situation created by the enemy
An enemy that was desperate to show his strength by destroying the man
A man who almost gave in to the enemy by ending his life
A life that God made on purpose
A purpose that the man would never have know had he succeeded
A success that would actually have been a failure
A failure that would have ended his situation and the opportunity for hope that the man so desperately desired
A desire that God would eventually fulfill in his son
A son who would give his life up so the man wouldn’t have to take his own in desperation
A desperation that mirrored the desperation with which the Holy Spirit chased after this man with 99 others behind him who had already been gathered
A gathering that was organized at the feet of God, but he sacrifice of Jesus, through the pursuit of the Holy Spirit, for the sake of the man, who was no longer alone in his situation. 
A situation where God met him, accepted him, loved him, redeemed him, and gave him purpose. 
A purpose that cannot, will not be thwarted because of the God who writes the story of the man.